Banks 100% Mortgages are but with a Caveat!

100% Mortgages

In the run up to Brexit many are anxious about getting on the property ladder, and now Lloyds Bank is offering a mortgage to buyers with no deposit.

Whats is the sting?

Mortgage from a well-known UK bank (Lloyds) could help first-time buyers on to the property ladder.

However, this is on the condition that a family member agrees to deposit savings equivalent to a minimum of 10% of the mortgage into a fixed-rate savings account with the bank.

Fixed-Rate 2.5%

The fixed-rate term for the relative’s money is 2.5 per cent for three years, and the money cannot be removed in this period. The relative will not need to give away any money, simply move it to another account.

The mortgage rate that Lloyds have stated will be 2.99 per cent for three years and borrowers can borrow up to £500,000.

Your Capital is at Risk:

Investing in property involves risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and historic performance is not a guide for future performance. Any projections of future performance are based on all information known at the time of share investment or loan, and internal calculations and opinions of Bunce Crowd. These are subject to change and are not guarantees and should not be relied upon as such. Risks include the total loss of your share investment or loan, variable rental income due to property not being rented or a depressed rental market, and inability to sell your share investment or loan due to lack of a buyer.

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Please refer to the Risks warning page of this site for a more comprehensive description of the risks involved.

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